Business Law

We represent industries, businesses and financial institutions that require formation, transactional or litigation services.

Commercial law in McPherson, Kansas

Wise & Reber, L.C., represents industries, businesses and financial institutions that require formation, transactional or litigation services.

We have been in McPherson since 1886 and understand the economic, political, and business issues in Central Kansas.  Our attorneys are dedicated to helping McPherson area businesses and industries succeed.

We provide assistance in all areas of commercial law:

  • Transactional consulting/Contracts & negotiation
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Business formation
  • Business succession
  • Commercial litigation
  • Employment & Human Resources
  • Mediation or arbitration
  • Municipal Issues

We also provide assistance with business succession planning under our estate planning and administration practice.  Lenders, institutions, and other businesses also rely on our real estate law practice for help with commercial leases, purchase-sale agreements and other property-related transactions.

How to develop a strong business in Kansas

Although the law generally does not require a formal entity, there are good reasons that many business owners choose to create corporations, limited liability companies, or other entities through which to conduct their businesses:

  • To facilitate transfers of ownership, stock, or other assets
  • To protect personal assets in the event of business failure
  • To provide tax benefits that may not be granted to sole proprietorships

A corporation is a legal entity—an “artificial person”—created by filing Articles of Incorporation with the Kansas Secretary of State’s office and taking certain other steps.

Along with other steps, a limited liability company (“LLC”), like a corporation, is a legal entity created by filing Articles of Organization with the Kansas Secretary of State’s office. An LLC gives the liability protection of a corporation, but the tax advantages of a partnership.

A sole proprietorship is simply an individual conducting business without creating a separate business entity. If two or more people engage together in a business for profit and don’t set up a separate business entity, it is referred to as a general partnership. Both sole proprietorships and general partnerships have significant liability risks to consider.

Growing and protecting your business in Kansas

Wise & Reber assists clients with business formation matters, but once operations are up and running, we are a valuable, long-term partner for growing and protecting your business.

We are admitted to practice in state and federal courts and can assist in matters that cross state lines in many instances, too.  We are strategic thinkers who orient our plans for action.

We are also particularly experienced in complex issues with multiple parties, higher-level business decisions, and layers of regulations—let us help you grow and protect your business.